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Directly from the country of its origin, we bring you immersion style lessons that will revolutionise your learning experience. English, French, Japanese and Chinese are taught each in their individual way at our school.

International Preschool ,Osaka Japan
Royal Ivy Academy International School
The 6 Secrets to Success

① Building Strong Basic Skills
② Unwavering Parent Support
③ Resistance to Momentary Confusion
④ Taking it Slow
⑤ Steady Continuation of Learning
⑥ Expecting High Outcomes…

The Teaching Philosophy of Royal Ivy Academy
Royal Ivy Academy is geared to taking full care of the child even separate from the mother from an age of 1year 9 months onwards.   Rather than forcing required patterns or learning mechanically by heart, our school allows our children to express their feelings through their own words and thus learn a language not only naturally, but also with a real motivation. This, in our experience, is the only real motivation that will persist within your child for learning another language. That is why at Royal Ivy Academy we offer events that are held completely in English, to let your child live English rather than just learn it.   Learning a language is a long-term plan. However, when executed well with patience, magic happens. When uninhibited, it is said that becoming skilful in several languages requires about 5000 hours of listening to that language.…

Testing linguistic ability by studying abroad in the summer in Toronto &Quebec

Attending pre-school for years but then suddenly being forced to stop is a well known scenario. However, in order to acquire and more importantly maintain a language skill, it is important to continue language education up to about class 8 or 10.

By subdividing our students in different skill groups, every student gets exactly the kind of support she needs after pre-school. Highest skill classes are geared towards TOEFL, but we do not compromise our students skill of expressing themselves as we also focus on essay writing or story-telling.

Finally, by our recent establishment of our Toronto school, we provide your students with another part of the way to complete English proficiency.…

Immersion Lessons fitting your Personal Goal

Led on by the native language, it is important to set priorities for second or third language.

Rather than overloading your child with curriculum requirements, we use an approach that stimulates all five senses and confronts your child with problems in reality, sparking their imagination and inspiration.

Under the guidance of  the Ministry of Health Department of Osaka City, our international department receives outstanding marks on all inspections for the support of all aspects of life of our children and their safety.

For those seeking a higher level of language proficiency, “step up” schools are especially popular. If you want to make sure that solid language skills are acquired, we are the ones to assist you in making this wish come true.…

Using the same Books as Native Speakers
Our Text tbooks are the same as the ones used by children in internationally accredited schools, full of research and review exercises to ensure that your children learn genuine English.

Of course, the same applies to our Texts in other languages like French and Chinese.


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